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This Website Is Continuously Under Construction!!

This is an appeal to anyone who happens to encounter this website.

If you served at MACOI during the Vietnam War, we would like to present your story in order that present and future generations can understand and appreciate the efforts made by ordinary extraordinary Americans and Vietnamese like you.  Please contact us.  If you did not personally serve at MACOI, but you know of a person who did, but who is not listed on these pages, please contact us.

Direct your comments to (Mrs.) Chu Green by e-mail at  Chu was formerly "Miss Chu" of MACOI PID (Public Information Division).  Her job was to edit and type the daily press releases which were given to members of the media at the famed "Five O'Clock Follies" which took place at the Joint US Public Affairs Office in downtown Saigon.

Chu, her son Mason, and her husband Joe welcome you and urge you to come back again.  This is a permanent work in progress, and we hope you see additions and improvements with every visit.